Spending more time in her garden

The 7th of November 1997 was when Kaye joined the Harrisons team - just shy of 21 years!
What a fantastic contribution to the growth and gardens of our clients on the Kapiti Coast. Kaye lead our Pekapeka team and shared her passion for gardens, gardening and customer service with thousands of people over that time.
Kaye is looking forward to spending more time with her man, her caravan, and being a nan to an increasing possy of green thumbed grandchildren.
We're hoping to still see plenty of Kaye as it's not easy to go cold turkey from this place ;-)

bee on blossom

September is Bee Awareness Month

The focus of bee awareness month this year is how to keep New Zealand’s bee population healthy.
Bee Food – One of the easiest ways we can help bees is by planting bee-friendly gardens in both urban and rural spaces.
Safe spraying – to minimise the use of insectides keep your plants well fed and well watered. Plants in good health are far less susceptible to attack from insect pests.
If you do need to use an insecticide do not spray when plants are in flower or bees are present. It is also best to spray early in the morning or at sunset.

New map m2pp harrisons

New Highway at Peka Peka

Don't use the expressway...
If you want to get to Harrisons from the South then the expressway is of no use to you unless you are on a bike, a horse or walking. Now that the expressway/bypass is open to traffic we have a lot of customers discovering that the big bright new road through our back yard is not for us. That said the old highway is now empty and an easy stress free drive.
We would really appreciate you sharing with friends and family the information that ... that they will get to Harrisons the same way they always have - via the old highway.

New in Stock

ican seeds chefs best

ican Seeds - the best performers

Sow our ican Seeds for the best results!
There is nothing like starting from a single seed and creating a bountiful crop of tasty produce to harvest as required from your own garden.
Ican seeds deliver:
· Superior Taste
· Improved Pest and Disease resistance
· Increased Vigour and Yield
If the vegetable you want is not in our range it is because we have not yet found a selection that is superior to others already on the market - if it is in our range you can be certain it's the very best.
We guarantee their performance!

slow food

ican Slow Food

We've developed a new fertiliser to add to the trusted and proven ican range - ican Slow Food.
This controlled release fertilser acts with temperature to provide more fertiliser when the plant growth is active and less when it's not.
Use as a base fertiliser with all new plants - just mix a little in the bottom of the planting hole and sprinkle through the sides as you backfill to safely feed for 2 years.
It is also our no.1 recommendation for houseplants as they prefer to be feed little and often - which is exactly what ican Slow Food is designed to do.

Plum Elephant Heart

Elephant Heart is a big plum

Elephant Heart is true to it's name - producing very large heart shaped fruit with dark red sweet & juicy flesh.
It is a superb freestone plum - a mid to late season Japanese variety. It’s also a good pollinator for many Japanese plums (Omega, Santa Rosa and Sultan).
Like most fruit trees it will thrive in full sun like free draining soil - it is delicious!
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